2 secrets to make impact with your marketing.

There are two secrets you must  know if you want to make impact and money from your marketing.


  1. Go where your customers are


  1. Stand out from the crowd.


Number 2 may just be why you’re not getting a lot of results.


Your ads and your competitors’ ads look alike.


How can you make your ads stand out?


See what everyone is doing & do something different.


I’ll give you an example…


Follow me ??


If you see these affiliate marketing ads…


You’ll notice they have something in common.


“Finally revealed: how to bank 400k monthly”


I can account at least 7 different people running this exact ad


So my guy Fiyinoluwa is selling the same course, but using a different angle.


*How I went from a broke teacher earning 40k per month to over $2000 monthly*


Now this looks different and this stands out.


Do you get the point?


My friend Etomi said this ??


“I check Facebook a lot, just to see ads, and because of my recent searches and conversations. 


I have been seeing a lot of business opportunity ads and many look the same. 


You see when this happens your prospects get tired and keep scrolling. 


Switch it up.”


When they start classifying you as “All the affiliate marketing guys”

“All these Ecom guys”


You’re really not standing out.


Be creative, come up with a different angle and you will see more results with your advertising.


Hope this helps?


Talk to you later.



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