7 fundamentals for Success

If you want to live a successful life, you should pay attention to what I’m about to share with you. 


I learnt something from Jim Rohn and I thought to share with you. 


It will change your life if, and only if you decide to take action on what you will learn. 


So, let’s talk about 7 fundamentals of success. 


1. Successful people set goals and constantly evaluate them:


Goals & targets constantly keep you in check. If you don’t have a goal, there’ll be nothing to focus on. 


You’ll live life as it comes, and you can’t be successful that way. 


If you truly want success, then you must learn the art of goal setting. 


Now when I say set goals, I don’t mean you should set foolish goals. 


If you’ve not made 1 million naira in your life, there’s no need setting a goal of 100 million. 


It doesn’t make sense. 


Your goals have to be SMART. 









2. Successful people make a plan for what they do with money:


One sure way to be broke is to spend immediately money comes into your hand. 


At the end of the day, it’s not about how much you earn. It’s about you’re able to keep. 


Learn about money, learn about investing, learn about growing your money. 


These things have to be intentionally done because they are not taught in school. 


Make a plan on how much you’ll save, how much you’ll give to charity and helping others, how much you’ll spend on yourself. 


If you don’t plan your money, you’ll end up spending it on just anything. 




3. Successful people make a plan for what they do with their time:


Your time is your greatest asset. 


Not your money, not your properties, but your time. 


You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. 


You can buy more assets, but once time is lost, it can’t be gotten back. 


When you waste your time, you’re wasting your life. 


Wealthy people ideally spend time to get money, then use their money to buy back time. 


You have to properly plan your time. Don’t waste it on social media scrolling endlessly. If you’re not creating content or doing something productive, log off. 


Use the social platforms, but don’t let them use you. 


Remember, lost time can not be gotten again. 



4. Successful people make a plan for how they gain knowledge:


What is your knowledge plan? 


You can not progress further than what you know. 


Learning is the beginning of wealth. 


The possibility for life change starts with education.


So you have to make a plan for how you learn. 


How many books will you read? 


And I’m not talking about comics right now. I’m talking about life changing materials. 


How many courses will you take? 


What’s your self improvement plan? 


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Courses are easy to understand and apply.


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5. Successful people make a plan for quality associations:


You will always see Dangote at every Otedola public function. 


You will always see Obi Cubana at every Emoney public function or party. 


These things are intentional. 


These men are intentional about building and nurturing their relationships. 


Not just for themselves, but it will also favour their children and relatives. 


Let’s say Dangote’s cousin is going to apply for a job at UBA… 


It’s almost certain he will get the job. Not necessarily because of his qualifications, but because of his relation to Dangote, and the fact that Dangote has a good relationship with Tony Elumelu. 


He won’t struggle the way an average person will struggle. 


Be intentional about your relationships. 


If you can work on associating with the right people who inspire you to grow and be better…


You’ll be in the top 5% of your industry.




6. Successful people make a plan for how they develop skills:


What new skill do you need to take you further in your career? 


How are you planning to learn it? 


For me, I used to run a lot of trainings by just posting my captions on whatsapp and Facebook. 


Though effective, I knew I needed to go a step higher, so I learnt how to build landing pages in 2020.


Listen it totally depends on your niche. 


You could learn how Venture capital works If you want to become and investor or get funding for your business. 


Make plans to upskill!




7. Successful people make constant plan for figuring ways to live uniquely and enjoy their present substance. 


“Money no dey bring happiness

Na when I get money I realize oo

But I no be hypocrite

I dey pray make you get your own too” 


That’s a famous line from Adekunle Gold’s song, It is what it is. 


Money doesn’t bring happiness, but what you do with the money, how you use it, can make you happy. 


However, you have to learn to be happy, regardless of your present financial state. 


If material things give you happiness, you would be of all men most miserable when you don’t have money. 


Akin Alabi teaches that you should live life such that if you don’t have money tomorrow, it won’t be that noticeable. 


Now, haven said that, you must learn “lifestyle” 


I’ll give you an example. 


A few weeks ago, the out-going governor’s wife of Anambra state (now outgone) walked up to Bianca Ojukwu and displayed stupidity by trying to pick a fight with her. 


That one hasn’t learn the lifestyle that goes with being a governor’s wife. 


Learn etiquette, learn learn learn. 


This is how to ensure successful living. 


Hope this makes sense to you? 


Talk to you later. 


Joseph Don


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