How to overcome the fear of selling as a creator. 

If you are a creator looking to make money by selling your services to people online, this will be one of the most useful things you ever come across online. 


As creators what we love doing is creating. 


We create useful content, engage with our community, and collaborate with other creators to provide more value. 


But it doesn’t have any serious impact on your bank account. 


And the reason is shocking… 


People won’t give you their hard earned money just because you’re a content creator. 


They will give you a vote of thanks, tell you how your content has been helpful, etc. 


And as good as those things are, they won’t do your account any good. 


As you’re changing people’s lives, your own life needs to be changing too. And this needs money to happen. 


Shey you get? 


So the money is not in being a creator. 

The money is in knowing how to sell… and actually selling. 


I know what you may be thinking… 

“I hate selling… people will stop liking me…people will think I’m after their money” 


I had that fear when I started selling, so I can relate. That’s why I’m writing this post to show you how to overcome the fear of selling. 


Here’s what you should do…


Tell yourself the truth: you need money. Yes you do, and the only way you can make money is to shamelessly put yourself out there. Sell your products and your services. That is how to make money. I know you hate it, you’re afraid of it… but sometimes you have to do the hard things in life to get the future you deserve. 

Change your perspective: When you sell something, you’re not just taking people’s money. You’re actually helping them. 


If you’re selling a product that helps people create better content, you’re helping them. 

If you’re selling a product that helps people have happier relationships, you’re helping them. 


So you’re helping people make their lives better and in turn you get paid.

You have to start seeing selling as you actually helping people. That totally changes everything.


Go for knowledge: The more knowledgeable you are in a particular area, the more confident you become in that area. If I was called upon to make a presentation on the fallopian tube, I would freak out. And that’s normal, because it is not my area of expertise.


I have no knowledge on the fallopian tube, I’m not a doctor.


But if you ask me to do a presentation on marketing, sales funnels, handling sales objections, etc. then I’ll definitely kill it…because this is an area where I have knowledge!


So why you are afraid of selling is because you don’t know how it works!

Go for knowledge! Pay for training! Learn how it works and you’ll become more confident.


Selling is very important. That’s how money is made. You need money to survive, get better gadgets, live the life of your dreams, etc. so you have to embrace selling with all your heart.


Hope this helps?


See you in the next one.




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