The most important way to stay motivated in sales.

If you find yourself lacking motivation as a salesperson, and you want to learn how to always stay motivated, then you should take out 3 mins to read this article.


I’d like to begin this article by sharing a story with you.

I once read a story about certain students who were given a task to perform by their teacher.

When they were done with the tasks,  he scored every one of them equally .

That means they all passed. 


Then he divided the students into two groups. 


He told group 1 that they passed because they were super intelligent, and he told group 2 that they passed because they worked hard. 

After this, he gave them a more difficult task. 

The students who were told that they were intelligent found it difficult to complete the task, while the students that were told they worked hard found a way to complete the task. 


What was the difference between these two groups? 

It’s a principle called the locus principle.


The students in group 1 had an external locus of control, while the students on group 2 had an internal locus of control.


What is an external locus of control? 

People are said to have an external locus of control when they credit their failure or success to external factors. That is to say, they aren’t directly in control of what happens to them. 


For example, if you ask a sales person while he didn’t make sales today, and he goes ahead to say things like; “The weather was bad”, “the prospects were not good prospects”, etc. 


If he blames everything apart from his self, he has an external locus of control.


What is an internal locus of control? 

People are said to have an internal locus of control when they credit their failure or success to themselves. 


This means, they are in direct control of what happens to them. 


If they win = hard work

If they lose = Not enough work or they did something wrong, which they’ll have to correct.


This is what separates champions from average people.

This is why someone like Cristiano Ronaldo is still playing at top levels at age 38.

That’s why Kobe Bryant was the kind of player he was.


He calls it Mamba mentality!

If you want to always stay motivated and inspired to work, you have to develop your internal locus of control.

You have to know that your success or failure is largely dependent on your actions.


Not another person! 

Definitely not the government! 

Nor your parents!


It’s up to you.

If this is your driving force, you’ll always be on your toes.

You’ll find yourself always inspired to do the work that matters, even when you don’t feel like it.


Of course, there are other things to do when it comes to staying motivated as a salesperson.

Things like; setting targets, tracking your activities, rewarding yourself for a job well done, etc. but none of them is as important as having an internal locus of control and taking personal responsibility for your outcomes.


Hope this meets you well?

See you in the next one.

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