You Can Earn More Than 90% of Business Owners In Your Industry, If You do This One Thing...

Dear Friend,

I kid you not...

If you can master this ONE THING...

You'll out-earn at least 90% of your competitors.

In the next few lines of this page,

I'll tell you what this ONE THING is, and why you should start doing it immediately.


Let's roll...

Before I go ahead though...

I want to assume that you sell a product or service that you are confident in...

And you can buy that same product if someone else sells it to you.

Because nothing here will make sense to you if you don't sell a product or service you believe in.

Do you understand that?

You say you do?

Alright let's move on.


The Buyer's Pyramid

The diagram is straightforward and easy to understand.

So basically...

When ever you advertise your products or services,

Only 3% of the people that reach out to you are willing to buy immediately.

7% are open to buy (maybe not immediately, but they are open to buy)

30% of the people are not thinking about buying...

30% think they are not interested...

30% know they are not interested.

It get's more interesting.

Keep reading so you don't miss this...

Let's assume you run an advert, and you get 100 people from it.

Only 10% will buy from you...

So let's say 10 people.

Now let's assume your product costs $100

And 10 people buy...

You would have made $1,000

Nice right?

Not nice!

What you're not seeing is the 90 people you're leaving behind!

That is a potential $9,000 you would have made...

But like every business owner, you abandoned them and started chasing new prospects.

That is why they keep taking a piece of cake when the whole cake is available.

I'm sure it won't happen to you anymore..

Because you will start doing the ONE THING 90% of business owners don't do...

Follow Up!!!

The fortune is in the follow up.

A lot of business owners don't know this secret 

and that's why they always leave a lot of money on the table

For who?

For the ones that know how to follow up on prospects of course!

Do you know that 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow up?

But a lot of people either don't know how this is done...

Or never even attempt to follow up because they are afraid of rejection or sounding salesy.

The image below is a screenshot of a Twitter poll I ran recently

76% of the people who voted said they had a challenge with follow up.

I asked my WhatsApp Audience the same question, and here's what they had to say...

So if you're currently having a challenge with follow up...


And it's not your fault too.

You either don't know how to do it...

Or you're afraid of rejection...

It could also be that you don't have a well defined sales process.

But that won't be the case anymore...

Because I just put together a training called ...

*Drum roll please*

Follow-Up Made Easy!!!

Here's what you'll benefit from this course:

✅ 10 follow up strategies you can apply in your business to close more sales today.

✅ How to deal with rejection in sales.

✅ 3 reasons why business owners don't follow up and what you can do to close even the most stubborn prospects.

✅ Real life case studies and how to follow up when they happen.

✅ How to automate your follow up process.

✅ Follow up mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

There's a lot of value here as you can see.

No need for long talk...

If you read everything, and you're interested in signing up

Then the next question in your mind will be... 

How Much To Sign up?

I will be very direct here...

No fake scarcity or any of those things

This training should be at least $100

But I want to make it very affordable for the common business owner out there

So I'm keeping the price at $5 or N3225

But only for a limited time

If you don't join this class now, you will never get it at this price again.

The training will hold on the 15th of August at 7pm.

You'll also get access to the replay after the training.

Finally, this is not a WhatsApp group teaching.

It is going to be streamed live with a private YouTube link.

And you will be able to get the replay after the class.

At this point,

I'm sure you've gotten enough information to make a decision

Go ahead and click the button below.

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This bonus will be only made available to the first 100 people to sign up.

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