"I've helped a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs & freelancers Increase Their Sales by 50 - 400% and More... AND if you Need Help with Increasing Your Sales, and Growing Your Business Exponentially:

"I Can Help You Too"

...if and only if you're willing to PUT IN THE WORK"

Here's What I Mean...

N1.9 Million+ in Sales

For The Month Of January 

David Opateyibo did over N1.9 million in sales for January 2021.

This  is more than double of his revenue (N685,000) for November 2020 after our sales implementation program.

N450,000 ($1000) in Sales For The Month Of January 2021

She was able to take out money for her business and still had enough to help both herself and her family.

Dear friend,

Just so we’re on the same page, this is not some get rich quick scheme

Or An empty promise without work.

If that is what you’re looking for, Then you should stop reading this right now,

In fact, close the tab.

But If you’re really serious about making crazy sales, and hitting huge numbers that you Never thought was possible from your business,

Such that you're making just enough money,

Not to be worried about bills or unexpected life emergencies, while taking better care of yourself and your loved ones...

And you’re ready to take the necessary ACTION to make this possible...

Then you should read this till the end,

Because, Alas! Your solution is here.

My name is Joseph Don,

And fortunately, I'm considered to be one of the best at sales and marketing in Nigeria.

If Ronald Nzimora, who is arguably the highest paid copywriter and marketing expert in this part of the world,

Generating over N30 billion in sales annually for his clients,

says somebody is good at sales and marketing, you should believe him.

Then there's Emeka Nobis, a top business consultant in Port Harcourt and author of 15 books who says...

"When it comes to sales and marketing, I give it to Joseph Don"

In the last few months alone,

"I've helped a lot 

of business owners Increase Their Sales by 50 - 400% and More...

Take Osagie Merry for example

Merry is a smart guy who has been following and learning from me for a while now.

He reached out to me at the end of January (2021) and he sounded so excited.

When I asked him what's up?

He told me...

I Made N1.2 Million In January From My Virtual Summit After Taking Sales Lessons From Your WhatsApp  

Or take Adaeze...

Before she found me on WhatsApp,

She had been struggling with sales in her perfume business.

She barely got orders... It was as though the buyers were running away from her

But after she applied somethings from the Closing scripts and Mindset course in my sales and implementation program,

She Was Able To Close 12 Sales in 1 Week

And that's not all...

She's now great at making sales calls

This is someone that was literally struggling with sales.

Collette went from making 2 sales per week, to selling almost everyday...

N300k in the bag

after a few days of 

working with me...

Closed Sales Worth More Than

N100k From Sales Calls 

"One Cold Call Earned Me A Deal"

And Now,

It's your turn,

But before I tell you how I can help you,

I need you to understand one thing …

I always do everything within my power to make sure the people I work with succeed

One of my students puts it this way…

"JD's only desire for the people he works with is to see them win. As long as you're serious, JD will always be there for you."

However, I strongly believe that all of my successful students are successful because they put in serious effort

Most times, they tell me I push them to work hard

But deep down in my heart of hearts,

I know they could have chosen not to move, no matter how hard I push them

It's their choice after all.

That's why I always give the credit to them for putting in a whole lot of work.

So what I'm saying in essence is that,

Your success is dependent on how much work you're willing to put in

The methods I use demand you to put in effort because...

I don't know how to make people rich overnight oo.

If you can't understand this,

Then do yourself a favour and...

Close this page immediately

Because no matter how valuable people say my teachings are,

Nothing will work for you unless you're serious and consistent.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

You say you do?


Now if you Need Help with Increasing Your Sales by 50-400%, and Growing Your Business Exponentially,

I'd love to invite you to join...

My New Sales/Implementation Program - Kaizen Sales Bootcamp.

I have put together a 30 day training where I'll show you how to hit at  least $2000 by selling your products or services over the next 30 days

and I'll ask you to pay me because...
Just anybody can jump on free stuff.
I've held a ton of free trainings, conferences, etc.

and I've discovered that when people don't put their money down,

no matter how beneficial what you have to offer is,

they won't even be committed to showing up. 

Ubong King once said...
"People who pay, pay attention"

And I strongly believe that.

So to achieve the kind of results I want with this training,

I need to filter the osho free people.

Why Did I Come Up With This Training?

I have been teaching sales and also consulting for small businesses for a while now.
Whilst working with these entrepreneurs,

I discovered that a lot of them have read books or taken courses on sales.

They've read about stuff like...

Lead generation...



Follow up...


But there's a missing link 

People are taught how to do it in theory but they don't know how to practicalize it.

They can't execute!!! 
So you've learnt about generating leads with paid advertising...

Oya generate the it na.....

You kent do it!!!

This is because...

There's no one to hold you by the hand and show you how to implement these things... 

So you're stuck!

You try...

You fail...

You try again...

You seem to be getting results but you know you're not there yet. 

You've heard how people hit those big numbers in sales

and you want that too,

but you don't know how.

That is why I created

the Kaizen Sales Bootcamp

This new program is a major update to:

N100k Sales Challenge

A program I originally created back in October 2020 (And updated in 2021)

My goal was to help business owners who were struggling with sales master the art of selling, and generate at least N100k in sales within a 30-day period.

So far, the testimonies have been mind blowing.

But after a while...

I saw the need to make the program (2022 Version)
even more valuable than it was.

Here's why...

If you live in Nigeria,

then it's no news that we have a declining economy

Where the common man now struggles to meet his daily needs.

The price of things are constantly increasing...




Fresh Tomatoes...


At this point, someone who makes N100k monthly will find it difficult to live well.

And guess what?

The government doesn't care

All man for himself.

So after considering this over and again

I decided to increase our target to $2000

That is around 900k - 1million naira

I believe anyone who makes $2000 monthly can at least afford to live well in Nigeria. 

This program

is for you if...

 - You are currently struggling to drive sales in your business and you want to do better.

- You're losing a lot of customers because you don't know how to follow up like a pro.

- You're in a bad place financially and you want to improve your finances to a point where you can easily take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

- You want a new challenge, something that will put you under healthy pressure and bring out the best in you.

- You just got started in business and you need to learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

- You need to be in an environment where you'll be held accountable and forced to get things done, so that you can make steady and consistent progress.

Or maybe it's  just something in between.

What ever category you fall into,

I'm confident I can help you.

And on that basis...

Here's what you'll get

inside this 30-day Sales Training

This is not your regular online class and you're going to see why in a few minutes

In the first two weeks,

You will learn how to...

Handle Customer Objections

Many business owners really dread statements like,

"I'll get back to you."

because they know that's a nice way of saying,

"I can't buy what you're selling."

The major reason why people will always want to "get back to you"

is because they have an objection deep down in their hearts.
(It could be the price or something else)

Sadly, these objections are inevitable in business and you will always have to deal with them.

You will learn how to destroy customer objections, and massively increase sales for your product/service.

Increase Your Follow Up Success Rate 

One thing I always tell my students is…

The money is made in the follow up

A lot of business owners don't know this secret 
and that's why they always leave a lot of money on the table

For who?

For the ones that know how to follow up on prospects of course!

Effective follow-up is one of the things you will learn inside the program.

Find the right people that will buy your product/service without giving you any headache

In selling, the goal is not just to sell

But to also sell to the

And in order to sell to the right kind of people, 

you've got to answer these questions:

Who are the people with the problem my product/service solves?

How much are they willing to spend to solve this problem?

And a couple of other questions.

Having a tangible answer to this questions

will limit the number of times you come across

customers that frustrate the living daylight out of you significantly.

In this section, I will show you how to find the people who are the right fit for your product/service.

Turn people who have never heard of you into loyal, die-hard fans

For you to run a business that's stable enough
to give you the life of comfort you so desire,

You have to increase the number of customers you have

That means you have to reach out to new prospects
& convert them into solid customers


In this present world of ours where buyer's skepticism is incredibly high,

Turning new prospects into loyal customers isn't as easy as it sounds

With the right guidance you will get in this class,

Making cool money from people who have never heard about you won't ever be a problem.

"Joseph Don is the only sales coach that I can hype with all that I have" - Oluchi

Phone Closing Secrets

One thing I learnt very early from Grant Cardone who happens to be one my mentors is this...

Never depend on one line of action

If you want to be successful in any business

You must never depend on one line of action

Here's what I mean...

Some people only depend on Instagram to make sales

Others depend on Twitter

Others depend on WhatsApp


But any of these channels could fail, and when they fail...

you're back to square zero.

So Instead of depending on one line of action, combine a lot of actions

This will guarantee you massive results.

That said,

one of the things you'll learn in this training is 

How to pick up your phone, call your prospects and close them

This skill right here is gold.

If your country bans social media, you would go broke if you can't pick up the phone and close a sale.

And Lots More...

You'll be learning a lot of other things I can't mention because of time

+ You also get to be in the company of awesome entrepreneurs who want to succeed just as much as you do.

You are literally coming into to an inspiration zone.

The zone of high performers.

Even your village people can't stop you from succeeding.

In the other three weeks,

all you get to do is implement what you've learnt, like crazy

This is the meat of the whole exercise

At this stage, I will walk you through how to sell in real-life situations

This is where you get to execute your way to the top of the mountains of real financial bliss.

"Working with Joseph Don is one of the best business decisions I've made." -Ursula 

This is where it gets more interesting...

Asides everything I've listed here,

You'll also be getting Life time access to these 

Mind Blowing Bonuses...

Bonus 1: The Bonsai Course (Life Time Access) - N20K Value 

The Bonsai Course is a training on business mindset.

If you truly want to be great at sales, then you have to get your mind right.

If you don't get your mind right, you can't get your money right.

So in this course, you'll learn how to break the limiting beliefs holding you back from succeeding and achieve the success you truly deserve. 

Bonus 2: Facebook Ads Mastery Course (Life Time Access) - N50k Value

This is a course where I go behind the scenes to show you how I personally run ads that convert.

A lot of people just click "boost" and think they are running ads.

That is a way to dash Facebook your money.

In this course you will learn how to set up ads properly so that you can be profitable.

Because the goal of advertising is to make profit at the end of the day, you will learn how to stop throwing your money away and finally start making money from your ad campaigns. 

Bonus 3: Copywriting Secrets (Life Time Access) - N50k Value

Copywriting is the art of selling with words.

If you sell anything online, then you need to learn how to write captions, Dm's, headlines, emails, etc. that can make people literally beg you to take their money.

I have pleaded with my friend Mary Anne who is one of the best copywriters in this part of the world to come and teach you copywriting in one of the sessions. 

She is always very busy attending to her international clients, while making plenty dollars for herself.

But she'll show up live to teach you how copywriting works and how you can use it to make money for your business.

You don't want to miss this.

Bonus 4: How To Design A Sales System That Brings In Money On Demand For Your Biz (Life Time Access) - N30k Value

The reason a lot of people don't make consistent sales is that they don't have a proven system that they implement in their business to enable them make consistent sales.

In this training, I break down the nitty-gritty of sales systems and how you can build one for your business.

There will be no more excuses for inconsistent sales.

Now you have something you can readily implement to get those sales rolling in.

Bonus 5: How To Sell Lots Of Anything With Webinars (Life Time Access) - N100k Value

Webinars are seminars that are held online.

Because it is held on the web, it's called a webinar.

Since the wake of Covid, the way people gather in public has reduced drastically.

The next best place people are gathering, and would keep gathering in huge numbers is on the internet.

A lot of big brands, organizations, coaches, etc. are pivoting to webinars.

In this training, you will learn how to structure and present your webinars in a way that gets people to buy anything you're selling.

You'll learn about the tools and all the behind-the-scenes set ups that go into successful converting webinars.

Even if you have never done a live presentation before, you will be able to use the information here to crush it on your next webinar.

Bonus 6: Ursula Eyewear Business Case Study (Life Time Access) - N20k Value

I started working with Ursula when she was making less than N100k in her business.

In our first month of working together, she made over N120k, then she made around N300k the next month, and then N450k the other month.

Since then she has been hitting huge 6 figures consistently

And she's just 21 years old.

In this session, Ursula shares how she was able to build her business from zero to 6 figures in revenue.

This is not something you would want to miss.

Bonus 7: Priceology (E-Book) - N10k Value

A lot of people don't hit big numbers or make the kind of profit they should ideally make in their business because they don't know how to price their products well.

In this book, you will learn how to price your products and services for maximum productivity.

Bonus 8: Expertise (E-Book) - N10k Value

Let' face it...

Everybody loves to do business with experts.

If you go to the hospital, you want the specialist to attend to you and not the apprentice.

You'd rather wait an extra hour for the chief barber or stylist to do you hair, than allow their apprentice to touch you hair.

Even if the guy says "oga I fit barb you"

You'll just smile back and say "No worry, I go wait"

We just love that expert touch.

Now the funny thing about expertise is that you may be very good at what you do,

but if people don't perceive you as an expert, they won't give you their money.

So in this book, you'll learn how to become the go-to expert in your niche.

There are so many valuable lessons on expertise here.

In fact, I recommend that you read this book first once you pay for this training and lay your hands on the bonuses. 

"If you are looking for something that will boost your sales, try out Joseph Don's sales challenge." - Adeyemi

Total Value Of Bonuses - N290k

But you'll get every single thing listed there for free when you enroll for this training.

It gets even better...

I'll be giving you what I call

The Super Bonus

In April this Year, My Mentor Akin Alabi released a new book titled "How To Sell To Nigerians"

For context, Akin Alabi is the founder of the multibillion naira sport betting company, Nairabet.

He is one of the big names when it comes to sales and marketing in the whole Africa.

For everyone who enrolls for this training,

I'll be sending you a FREE hard copy of this new book.

What I mean is, I'll pay for it and send it over to you for FREE.

That's not all...

There is also a


All students who enroll for this training will get a certificate

I'm not talking about a PDF certificate.


I will personally send a physical certificate signed by me, to your doorstep.

You would have my endorsement as someone who has learnt how to sell.

Okay, That's it.

At this point...

I  believe you'll agree that I've said all that needs to be said

There's nothing more to add to this training.

What I have done here is: include everything I would have wished to learn if I was:

Just starting out in business or Struggling with sales

And I was looking for a coaching program to help me

Become Really Good At Sales and Make A Lot Of Money...Alongside Like-Minded people

And I think I've done that to a very large extent.

So, If you've checked everything out

And you really want to be a part of my mentorship program 

Then the next question on your mind would likely be...

How Much Would It Cost?

I'll be straight with you

You've seen everything you'll gain from this training

You've seen the results my students are generating

You already know I'd be coaching you to hit a target of $2,000 in sales.

Normally, I should charge $1000 (N600k) for something this valuable

But because I really want to help you,

I'm making this opportunity available to you for $84.00 only

That's around N50,000

And when you consider the results you'll get from this challenge,

The community support

+ All the valuable stuff you'll be learning from me,

You'll see that this is not an expense or luxury

It's an investment that will keep yielding returns for the rest of your life.

Let's say you take everything I teach you, Implement it

And you hit the $2,000 goal...

If you do the work, and you're consistent

in 12 months, you'd have made $24,000 or 14.4 million naira

And all you did was invest N50,000 in a 30-day sales training that will change your life for good.

Not bad right?

And remember, I'm not just teaching you and pushing you away...

to go figure out stuff by yourself.

The program is designed in such a way that you get to practically implement everything you learn.

Now you can finally become a badooo at sales

and build a solid business

One that affords you the lifestyle you've always wanted.

If you see the value in what I'm offering you,

And You'll Like To Join Us Today

Here's what you should do next...

Hit the button bellow to sign up immediately

But before you sign up

There are two things I should let you know

Number 1

There are very limited slots.

To ensure that I can closely monitor your performance and results

I will only be admitting 50 people into this training

So you should act fast because I'll take the payment page down once we hit 50 sign ups.

Number 2

If you wake up one morning and decide that you're not doing again

Of course you can stop attending the classes

but I won't be refunding your money

As you can clearly see,

I have put in a lot of work to ensure that you are getting valuable information that you can readily implement to drastically increase your sales 

And there's no way I'm letting anybody "check it out"

With the option of a refund if you feel like you don't want to do again.

You are either all in,

or don't bother signing up.

There are many sales coaches who offer refunds

And you can learn from them.

But if you are okay with the no-refunds policy,

And you're still interested in joining the Kaizen Sales Bootcamp
Then here's what you should do:

Click on the button below and it will take you to a secure page

Where you will fill in your details and make payment.

And once your payment is confirmed,

You will be redirected to a WhatsApp group where you'll receive more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does This Training Start?

The training will run from the 1st-30th of September, 2022.

Who Is This Training For?

If you sell a product or service,

Or you have a skill, i.e., Coding, Web Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design etc.

Or you're an affiliate marketer...

And you're obsessed with selling your brand to the world,

Then this class is 100% for you.

How Will This Training Be Delivered?

We will be using a combination of YouTube live stream and Google meet.

YouTube for the classes where I'll teach alone.

Google meet for the classes where we'd need to do practicals and role playing.

The WhatsApp group will be used to pass information. 

The classes will hold at 8pm on the designated days

Is There A Deadline?

To ensure that I deliver maximum value and monitor the growth and progress of all participants, I will only admit 50 people to this training.

So once we hit 50 people, the payment page will be taken down

Isn't This Too Expensive?

First of all,

You should check out similar programs

where you'll get coached for 30 days

See how much they are charging

And then decide if this is expensive or not.

By the way...

This is not your regular online class

Or a WhatsApp group teaching

It's a 30-day sales and implementation training

And I'm very sure that you can't find a training of similar quality and results at this price.

Secondly, if this was a ponzi scheme where they promise to turn you into an overnight millionaire,

Or a scheme where they promise you crazy profits for doing no work...

A lot of people would even go as far as borrowing to make sure they don't "miss out"

People borrow to buy clothes, phones, shoes, attend parties and other frivolities

But when it comes to investing in a training that can make a significant impact in their lives and income if they work hard...

They complain that it's too expensive or automatically come to the conclusion that they can't afford it.

I'm not asking you to go and borrow money to pay for this training (if you can't afford it)

I'm just saying that when people want something so bad,

they find a way to get it.

And think about it:

With all the value, support, guidance, etc. you'll get in this training

There's no way someone who is committed won't make back his N30k over and again. 

Can I Get A Refund On My Investment Whenever I Feel Like?

Maybe you missed the part where I said, I don't offer refunds.

I only want to work with serious people who will be committed to achieving our desired result.

I don't want people who can wake up tomorrow and come and ask for their money because they don't "feel too good."

If you're not okay with this, Please don't sign up

There are a lot of sales coaches who offer refunds.

You can learn from them.

I Really Can't Afford This Training At The Moment. How Else Can I Learn from You?

If you can't afford this training at the moment, there are a lot of valuable lessons on sales and marketing on my Emails, Instagram & WhatsApp.

You can check out josephdonbiz.com/100days to sign up for my 100-day email coaching for $5 only.

or just search for Joseph Don on YouTube and learn from my free videos.

A lot of people learn from me, and they are getting massive results.

So if you are serious and committed, you could be getting same results in no time.

What If I Try This And It Doesn't Work For Me?

What if it actually works?

If you want to be a winner in life, you must learn to have a positive attitude

It costs nothing to be positive.

That said,

This is not something you "try"

This is something you dedicate your time and energy into

This is something that requires the same level of commitment as someone competing for an olympic gold medal.

If you come with this attitude,

then there is no way on earth you wont succeed.

If you're ready to take a chance on yourself,

Then click on the button below. 

Nothing To See Here...Just Some More Testimonials

"I got more than what I bargained for" - Seni

"I wish I knew Joseph Don before I started my business...he's the best" - Collette

"I made 6 figures online

for the first time in 3 years" - Ismail

"I find it very easy to close sales now"

- Emeka Ozor 

More Testimonies...