Bad-ass Internet marketer, Joseph Don reveals...

How To Attract Customers, Sell Them More Stuff, And Turn Them Into Addicted Buyers...

Dear friend,

Is there any sound better than the "pim pim" your phone makes when you get a credit alert?

Imagine for a moment that you're sitting in your office, shop, or wherever you run your business, and all you're hearing every 5 minutes is "pim pim"

Alert dey enter

You're confirming orders, selling out your physical or digital products

You have more than enough customers, money is coming in, business is good, You're smiling and just grateful to God for everything.

Are you seeing this in your head?


Let me quickly ask you a question

What would you be able to achieve if you had more than enough clients?

How different would life be?

How easy would business be for you?

How much money would you be making monthly?

Say you had like 50 extra customers monthly

What impact would that make in your life and business?

Think about it slowly, then let's continue our gist.


What is the secret of big businesses like Google, Facebook, Stripe, and Apple?

Why did Facebook buy WhatsApp in 2014?

Why did Stripe buy Paystack in 2020?

Why did Google buy Pointy, AppSheet, Fitbit, and Socratic in 2020?

Why did Apple buy Beats Electronics in 2014?

What are they not telling us?

I mean, they can actually build something exactly like these businesses they are buying.

So why are they buying the businesses instead?


They have a large customer base!

So instead of building from scratch, they buy a business that already has an existing customer base because they know that without customers, a business is worth nothing!

So they are not really buying the "company", they are buying the customers.

Do you get the idea now?


I have more to tell you

Keep reading...

Customers Are The Oxygen Businesses Need To Survive...

If you don't have customers you sell to, you are not going to make any money.

Your business may likely fold up if you don't have customers.

You may never have any brand reputation or popularity

That's something to worry about.

Look at this shocking statistic from Investopedia

When a business lacks money, it means there's not enough people buying what that business is selling and so, they fold up.

It is what it is

The reason you're probably not making a lot of money from your business is because you don't have enough customers.

Dangote is the richest man in Africa today because he has a large customer base who are addicted to buying his products.

All your childhood fantasies, dreams and goals will only be achieved when you sell your products or services and get paid by a lot of people.

This can't happen if you just have little or no customers.

Are you still following?

If you are,

Then your next question would be...

How Can I Attract and Retain a Lot Of Customers In My Business?

If this is really the question on your mind,

Then I have put together a training where I'll teach you 10 strategies for attracting and retaining a lot of customers in your business, and it costs N5k to join.

You will learn How to get as many prospects, customers and sales as you can possibly handle.


The Oliver Twist System

You will learn:

1. How to Define your ideal customer

2. Where to find your ideal customer

3. How to make your ideal customer come to you instead of going out there and forcing them to buy what you're selling.

4. How to create offers that will make your customers feel stoopid for refusing

5. How to turn your customers into fans and evangelists

6. How to use the leverage formula to attract customers who trust you 100%

7. And lots more...

You will also get access to these amazing bonuses

Bonus 1: Customer Avatar Worksheet - N10,000

The customer avatar worksheet is a material I put together to help you identify who exactly your ideal customer is. When you know who they are it becomes easier to reach them and sell your stuff to them. Make sure you don't miss this.

Bonus 2: Alert O'clock - N10,000

After over 1000 days of receiving daily bank alerts from people who buy his products everyday, my millionaire friend Emmanuel Akpe put together a material titled Alert O'clock. In this material, he shares a step-by-step guide on how to get people to buy your products everyday.

After you get a hold of this material, and implement what you learn, you won't go a day without getting an alert.

He has permitted me to give to anyone who enrolls for this training.

If you miss this one, na you sabi. 

Bonus 3: How to become the go-to expert in your niche (Video Training) - 15,000

If you're a man reading this, I want to paint a scenario for you. If you're a lady, please assume you're a man so that you can understand this well.

It's a Saturday afternoon

You go to your barbing salon to get a decent haircut against the new week.

You forgot to call your barber before going

So you get there and find out that he's not around.

His apprentice looks at you and smiles, then proceeds to say "Oga come sidon, I go barb you"

What would you do?

I'm sure you'll smile back and say "No worry, I go wait" or "I go come back later, no worry"


No one wants to be used as a guinea pig.

Everyone wants to be handled by the expert.

That's why people go abroad for medical treatment, that's why people only shop from certain brands.

They want to be handled by the expert!

Now, this expert thing is really a case of perception. You may be so good at what you do, yet people don't perceive you as an expert.

In this exclusive video training, I have shared steps you can take to position yourself as an expert in any industry you play in.

It's not something you'd want to miss. 

That's N35,000 worth of bonuses you get for free if you take action now.

How do I sign up for the training?

I won't beat around the bush here...

I can easily charge N100k for this class without feeling guilty.

If I can show you how to always get more customers, you will never have to worry about money again, because you will always have people who are willing to buy what you are selling.

Whether you join the class or not, I will keep using this framework to make money for my different businesses. 

But if you join, it will help you scale your business and build more wealth. 

It costs N5,000 or $11 to join the training

That's less than the price of decent meal in a good restaurant

(So you can either choose to sign up for the training or eat away your business.) 

Click on any of the buttons below to pay now.

The training holds on the 19th of February, 2022 by 8pm

It will be streamed on YouTube and you will get a link to the replay after the class.

See you in class!

Is there a money back guarantee?

You sef...

With all the things I say I'm giving you, you want to collect your money back?

No be  juju be that?

There is no money back guarantee ooo.

I'm not looking for unserious people who will attend this training and come back to ask me for their money.

I need serious people who are willing to put in the work.

I need people who are willing to invest N5k to see their business grow and make more money.

If you fall into this category, then you're exactly the kind of person I want to work with. click on any of the buttons below to enroll for the training.

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