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“How to Attract a Flood of Paying Customers on AutoPilot, Sell More of your Products and Make a Boat-load of Cash Doing What You Love.”

PLUS; Hypnotic but ethical system designed to turn your customers to addicted buyers.

Dear Friend,

If you run a business on Obasanjo's internet…

And you want access to bad-ass, raw and undiluted strategies that you can use to get a FLOOD of paying customers every month…

Without hustling month after month

Worrying about where your next customer will come from

Then this for you.

But first, I will let you in on a very HUGE secret

This secret is what Big Businesses like Facebook, Apple, Google use

To become the big multi-billion dollar businesses they are today.

It’s the reason why…

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014

Stripe bought Paystack 2 years ago

Apple bought Beat Electronics in 2014

The secret is they are not buying the business.

They are buying their customers.

If you deep it, they can also build products exactly similar.

Nothing is stopping them


They are buying the audience and large customer base that already exists.

Which means one thing and one thing only…


Without customers…

You can’t make sales or profits and…

It’s only a matter of time until you don’t have any business to call your own anymore.

Research has it that;

Up to 95% of businesses shut down because 

they lack money to keep running…

Which is just a symptom for an underlying condition…


And No,...

This doesn’t just apply to BIG businesses…

It applies to small businesses too…

from AMAZON…

down to the woman that sells boli (roasted plantain) in your street.


When a business lacks money, it means there's not enough people buying what that business is selling and so, they fold up.

It is what it is

The reason you're probably not making a lot of money from your business is because you don't have enough customers.

Dangote is the richest man in Africa today because he has a large customer base who are addicted to buying his products.


In case you’re still seeing “Lack of Customers” as a minor problem

Let me open your eyes a little…

just a little…

I want you to picture this real quick…


this might hurt

But it’s for your own good…

Remember just a while ago when you started your business

you couldn’t stop thinking of how rich you’re going to be

Your peers are chasing jobs but you’re building your own future

Travelling the world… meeting new people

bigger than the rest of your peers while …

Steadily financially supporting the people you care about

Enjoying the life of your dreams without depending on anybody

while you have a business of your own

That makes money for you even when you’re not there

Cough… cough…

Come back to reality…

You saw it too right… and you’re like omoooo

I want this!!!

But sorry to burst your bubble

You’ll NEVER get it if…

It will NEVER happen if you don’t have a FLOOD of customers who are willing and Ready to buy from you again and again and again

So your question now should be;


Well, glad you asked!

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this to you.

After building two 7- figure businesses for myself

And helping my clients and students  take their business from struggling to building 7,8-figure empires.

Today, I have finally decided to share my secret strategies with the public.

I have put together a training where I’ll hold your hand and take you side-by-side

As I show you 10 Super Strategies You can start using today…

to attract more customers than you can handle…

I call it…

The Oliver Twist System

This is everything you’ll gain premium access to in the LIVE training...




This part will show you exactly who is holding your money.

So you don’t waste your time trying to sell sun shades to blind people

Remember; The goal is to make as much money as possible in less time.


Even after finding out who your ideal customer is…

You need to know exactly where they are...

Where they hang out

So all you have to do is go there

and attract them to yourself EASILY…


While your competitors are out there shouting for customers…

I’ll show you exactly how to attract your customers and make them buy from you…

It’s not jazz…


But it will work…

Even if you have the highest price on the market.

This little secret is  what APPLE uses...

That’s why people will spend a crazy amount of money just to own an Iphone.



I will show you How you can craft offers that they can’t ever refuse

And how you can make them feel stupid if they say NO

Make them feel uncomfortable until they finally buy what you are selling.

And also how to “Make them buy over and over again”...

….generating recurring profits for your business.


In this section..

I’ll show you how to turn your customers into raving fans..

Into evangelists that won’t ever stop telling other people about your business..

Generating free traffic and new customers for you without spending money on advertisement..

Do this properly and you’ll never struggle to make sales again.


This secret formula will make your customers believe in you,

And also trust you… even when they’ve never bought your product

The truth is, People buy from only those they trust…

If you can gain their trust… You’re on the road to 10X your sales.

Like that’s not enough….

I am also handing you first-class access to N35,000 worth of Bonus materials…

BONUS 1; Customer Avatar Worksheet - N10,000

This is a high-class material I’ve put together to help you identify your target audience with ease.

You’ll know; -Who they are

        - Where they reside

        -What is going on in their heads.

Basically everything you need to know about them…

Even more than they know themselves.

BONUS 2; Alert O’clock - N10,000

After receiving a credit alert for 1000 consecutive days straight from people who buy his products….

My Millionaire Friend put together a material which contains his step-by-step method and strategies that made it possible for him.

Apply this properly and you’ll never go one day without receiving credit alert from your customers.

He has given me full-permission to share this with everyone who enrols in this training.

BONUS 3; How to Become the go-to Expert in your Niche (Video Training)  -N15,000

Everyone wants to be handled by an expert…

There’s a premium satisfaction that comes from working with an expert.

That’s why people travel abroad for medical treatments

It’s the same reason you’ll never let an apprentice give you a haircut if the ‘oga’ is not around.

You see…

It’s one thing to be good at what you do…

It’s another thing to be PERCEIVED as an EXPERT

The difference is in the PERCEPTION

I’ll teach you how to position yourself as an expert people will be willing to pay.

That’s N35,000 worth of Bonuses you’ll get for FREE

And all I ask in return is that you sign up for the “Oliver Twist System” Training today.

And believe it or not

I could go ahead and charge over a 100k for this because

Come on… look at all the things you’ll be getting

But even before you decide

Wouldn’t you willingly pay 100k for a system that is GUARANTEED to make you so much money… 

By bringing more customers for your business on autopilot and most importantly…

You’ll never have to  worry about money again because…

You will always have people who are ready, willing and able to buy from you

And even make them come back again and again and again…

Even while you spend less time on your business and more time doing the things you really love to do…

Day in, Day out…

But there’s no way I’ll allow you to pay N100,000

Not even N50,000.

Because the truth is… I want as many business owners as possible to gain access to this training..

And take their business from where they are right now to where they want to be in a very short time…

So I’m going to make this offer more pleasurable.

You’ll only pay N5,000 or $11 to join the training.

Dirt cheap for everything you’ll be getting today.


This Training Begins March 5th, 2022

Which is just less than 10 days away.

Now you’re probably waiting for me to give you a money back guarantee.

But let me quickly say this…

This training isn’t for everyone

This training is for only those who are ready to invest in their business today.

People who will get the information and act on it immediately

And begin to see results

So after all I’ve given you

If your first thought is “Will I get my Money back?”

That tells me almost everything I need to know about you and your business

And No, I am not willing to work with you.

So If you’re the serious and willful business owners ready to invest in their business growth today...

You’re exactly the kind of person I want to work with.

Click any of the buttons below to enroll for the training

And as this has been a labour of love from me.

I reserve the right to take down this offer anytime I feel like

If you can still read this page

It means the offer is still live

So I suggest you take action right away

See you inside!

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