If you have a Smart Phone & Access to the Internet...

You shouldn't be struggling to make money online in 2022.

This is an Open Letter of special invitation to the 

"Urgent 2K Mastermind 2.0"


7 Successful Multi-Millionaire Online Entrepreneurs Come together to show you...

“How to Make Money on Demand and Generate Wealth on Autopilot from the Internet even If you have tried Everything Else and Failed!”

Dear Good, Decent, Honest & Hardworking Friend,

If you use social media and the internet, and you don't make any money from it...

Or you've tried different online businesses and failed...

Or you are making peanuts and you want to level up your game in the shortest time possible.

You should not miss this 7-Day virtual training for any reason, here’s why:

These 7 highly successful online entrepreneurs who have walked the talk in the trenches of the internet marketing space will cut premium soap for you…

That will help you move up to the highest levels of automatic money generation on the internet…

  • You will learn how to identify genuine money making opportunities and jump in early.

  • How to generate a flood of customers for your business using social media.

  • How to grow a highly profitable personal brand on different social media platforms from scratch even if nobody knows your name right now.

And that is just a sneak peek of everything you’ll be getting from this training.

Here’s What Really Matters

After this training, between your ears and mine,

“You’ll have everything it takes for you to make more money than you can ever need from the internet.”

You’ll never again have to worry about making money or having to depend on someone else for money…

And even better, you’ll have premium access to these highly-successful individuals which would cost you a fortune on a normal day.

The best part?

Some of the people you’ve been thinking of speaking to and getting their courses and programs will be teaching in this training.

And many of them charge as high as 100k naira for just one hour of their time.

Instead, when you show up at this virtual training…

For 7 days straight, you’ll be able to hear them share everything they know, ask them questions, and even connect with them on both business and personal levels.

I must let you know,

This is the second edition of this training.

Over 800 people registered for the first edition and since then, I've been getting lots of request to organize another one.

This is What people who attended the first edition had to say...

That said, let me introduce myself and the members of the millionaire Circle you’ve been anticipating…


Joseph Don

I'm Joseph Don, and your host for the Urgent 2K Mastermind.

I basically make money by selling stuff online.

Back in 2016 I used intern for NNPC as a process plant operator...

And I was earning N20k monthly, I knew I had to start earning more money immediately because N20k wasn't just enough!

I mean somebody just became president in Nigeria then, and things became so tough. I really had to find a way.

Luckily for me, One day while we were driving to the office, I heard a radio advert. It was about a seminar where they would teach us how to make money online.

I decided to attend that seminar, and that is how my life changed.

Since then, I've made millions of naira, and thousands of dollars legally from the internet.

And now...

It's time for me to give back by helping others make money online.

That is why I'm organizing the URGENT 2K MASTERMIND.


Because that is the trend these days...

You see people who need a little financial assistance say something like...

"You fit help me for urgent 2k?"

And it has become a thing.

So I thought to myself...

Why not teach people how to make their own "urgent 2k" from the internet so that instead of begging, they can have enough to take care of themselves and even give to others.

"Urgent 2k" could mean different figures...

N2k, N10k, N50k, N100k, N1 million, etc.

At then end of the day, you go sha learn how to legally make money online.

That said let me introduce the speakers for this edition of the Urgent 2K Mastermind.

First in the building is the Millionaire Freelance content creator.

Salem King


Sounds unbelievable but He is one of the few people who know how to build an online community from scratch and make money while at it. 

With his book “Commyounity” and speaking at several events all around the world, he has taught several people the rare skill of building a successful community online.

And at this event…

he will show you how to build an army of people who are loyal to you in the shortest time possible…

…who will always look forward to your content, look forward to buying your stuff and shout your name far and wide.

Even if nobody knows you right now, you’re a total newbie and you don’t have money to spend.

You only need two things;

-Be able to read and write

-A phone and data connection.

And you’ll have everything you need to build a successful and profitable brand online.



 Next is the Marketing Oxygen himself…

Chinanu Solomon


Very famous on Twitter as “The Marketing Oxygen:” with over 29k followers.

For obvious reasons, we call him the Email Marketing King.

Because he knows his way around using Emails to sell a ton of products and even services…

Instead of just pressing your phone all day, and catching cruise, Chinanu will show you how Email Marketing works and how you can make a shit-load of money from it.

 The good part is he has done it, is still doing it and he is ready to reveal his secrets to you in the Email Marketing Secrets section of this event.

Even though he charges a lot of money for his time…

I have convinced him to come teach you for almost free at this Event.

Don't miss it!

And then we have this Amazing man…

Abraham Aiyejinna


If you hear 100 persons talking about making money from Amazon KDP in Nigeria today, at least 80 of them has learnt from Abraham.

After making a ton of money from selling books on Amazon,

Abraham created a course "Amazon KDP for smartphone", which has sold over 10,000 copies as I speak.

I mean...

If his system doesn't work, over 10,000 people won't buy his training.

Only his paid students know his secrets to making a ton of money by publishing books on Amazon...

but he’s going to reveal all his secrets Live in this event.

And you’re about to get your hands on his step-by-step process and how to  implement it to make crazy amounts of money for yourself


And if you want money-making superpowers, this next woman hands them over to you on a platter.

Ruth Ozioma


Ruth Ozioma on a Yatch in Dubai. - June 2022

Is Affiliate marketing a scam?

Are all those screenshots of earnings real?

How can I make money doing affiliate marketing?

If this is your question, then rejoice because your answer has come.

My dear friend Ruth Ozioma started affiliate marketing in December 2021 just like every other newbie...

But in a few months, she has done over N40 million in sales, and N20 million in commissions.

She has also won a car, and qualified for 3 international trips.

Of course, there are people who started when she started, but don't have anything to show for it. 

What is her secret?

She will be revealing everything live at the Urgent 2k mastermind.

Please don't miss this session.


Watch out for this next guy…

Etomi Okene


While he was still a student in Unilag, Etomi stumbled upon a business model that has made him multiple millions today.

How e-commerce works basically is that you source for hot products directly from the manufacturers in countries like China, Russia, etc.

Then sell for 5-10X profit in Nigeria.

If you can get this right, you may never have to worry about money for the rest of your life.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme though.

There's hard work involved...

And my friend Etomi will break down how this business work and how you can get started immediately.

All you have to do is sign up to attend this event and watch your financial situation change for the best.

Esanju Timothy


If you’re a graphic designer or you are thinking of going into graphic designing  (You also want to become a tech bro but you don't wanna code).

It seems to me that you should listen to one of the biggest designers in Nigeria.

Even though it is one of the most sophisticated skills to learn…

Learning the skill is the simple part. Anybody can do that.

Making money from it is the part that depresses most people.

But not anymore…

Timothy will show you “How to Make N750k/month from Graphic Designing without struggling every day to get clients”.

He is going to reveal plenty of opportunities & secrets in the design industry that can help you make a boat-load of money. 


Next Up;

The go-to guy if you want to generate 300-500 leads every day!

Victory Odemwingie


They say in a gold rush, if you want to make a lot of money, then you should be selling shovels, not trying to dig for gold.


A lot of people will want to dig for gold, and they'll need shovels.

The man who sells shovels will make the most money.

Enough parables...let me tell you how it applies to you.

A lot of people want to bring their businesses online

But in order to do business online, you need customers.

That is where the Lead Generation expert comes in!

You can legit be paid a lot of money if you can help people find customers online.

My guy Victory will be showing you how this is done.

You really won't have any excuse for not making money after this training.

And the great part about this training is this…

Even if you want to focus on just one thing and you don’t need to learn everything these people will be talking about…

You’re going to have a clear picture of how things work and be exposed to different levels of information from different people that will make you more valuable.

Which brings the question… 

How Much Do You Think This Training Is Worth?

And before you make a decision, you need to consider this…

Talking to anyone of these millionaires for one hour will cost you something between 100k to 500k naira.

And that’s because of the life transformation value you’re going to get from them.

And they barely even have the time which is why they rarely take on consulting clients or speaking engagements.

That’s why I put a lot of work into getting all these speakers to AGREE to teach for 7 days.

So if it costs you 100k to get this training, 

it would be a very good investment once you understand the value of being able to make money anytime you want, from anywhere you want.

But it won’t cost you 100k to join this millionaire circle…

Without beating around the bush, it’s going to cost you just N20,000 to be a part of this MASTERMIND.

I have purposely priced this event so low so that YOU can afford to attend.

A lot of people reading this letter may be struggling to make money online…

Coupled with the challenging economy, rising competition, and diminishing profit margins.

And I am committed to helping you make a meaningful, significant income each and every month after you learn and experience this event.

To stop relying on the government, your boss, family, etc… financially and basically become your own boss.

To write your own story and make as much money as you want.

And enjoy it doing the things you really want to do. 

Even if you’ve bought several courses in the past and gotten no results.

And this isn’t just like every seminar or webinar out there…

This is a training that is guaranteed to change your income level for life.

How can you be sure?

Take a look at the speakers individually and see the results they’ve been able to achieve for themselves and others.

Now I believe you know what’s best for you.

And you can decide to either register to get this training or NOT.

For some people, this might be the breakthrough point they need to catapult themselves into abundance

While for others, it might look like a complete waste of time.

Now that you’ve seen the speakers, you know this will help you…

And you understand that this can help you achieve a geometric income growth in your life…

Then you should sign up right away.

If you are still reading, I want to make this as easy for you as possible to register.

Because it’s called the “URGENT 2K MASTERMIND”, I’m going to give the first 20 people the opportunity to sign up for just N2,000.

But this is an extremely limited offer and chances are all the slots are taken up already.

So just click the button below and if the price still reads N2,000…

Then you should pay immediately and get access to this mastermind.


If you sign up right away, I'll also give you access to the recorded version of the first edition of this training.

I had 11 internet millionaires teach about different things you could do to generate income online.

Urgent 2k 1.0

We talked about things like;

- Making money on YouTube.

- How to make money from web designing.

- How to make money from real estate without owning a property.

- Shameless marketing.

- & lot's more.

You'll get everything if you sign up now!

Hit the button below to sign up immediately

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