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How To Generate Leads, Increase Your Status Views, And Close Sales Automatically On WhatsApp...Without Paying For Expensive Bots Or Stealing People's Phone Numbers.

Dear Friend,

I'll keep this very short and straight to the point.

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to one of the best marketing consultants in Southern Nigeria, Emeka Nobis.

Here's what he had to say:

This is obviously a screenshot from his Facebook post , So I'll go ahead and type out exactly what he said.

God brought this angel to me...

Before my birthday on July 1st, I planned that I was going to release a free ebook that would get at least 2000 downloads.

The intention was to also build my WhatsApp contacts and email list at the same time.

We had more than 3000 downloads in 24 hours and more than 2000 WhatsApp chats that hit my WhatsApp.

The problem now became how to engage the people who reached out on WhatsApp and give them the link to download. It was worrisome.

My staff took two weeks to be able to attend to everyone. Even at that, we missed lots of people that I’m still going through my phone to engage.

A few days after my birthday, Joseph Don visited my office. It was his first time meeting me after years of following me on social media.

We got talking and he said he loved my campaign and asked me how I was managing the contacts and chats.

I told him my dilemma.

He said, “Chai, boss, if I’d known I’d have reached out earlier. There’s a better way you can do this without stress, make money at the same time without stress.”

I was to travel to train in Owerri, so I booked for him to come to my office the next week.

When I returned, I asked him to come.

A crisis that happened that day on the road made him turn back,

but he said, “Boss, don’t worry, let me get home and set up a Zoom session. Don’t worry, you’ll get everything.”

He did. We hooked up. Over an hour, he taught me.

He taught me how to set up an automated funnel using WhatsApp.

By the next day, I was ready for action.

Two influencers were to make posts about me. I gave them the link.

Boy, I sat back and saw as chats were rolling in by the minute.

The autoresponder was engaging without me being there.

I was just looking at my phone.

I saw people paying and alerts were hitting my phone.

Everything automated.

I made N59,000 that day.

By evening at 8:30 PM and with the pressing of a few buttons on the apps he told me to set up, I’d saved 1050 contacts. Kai. No stress. So sweet.

By the next day, my WhatsApp views grew to 2000 views in 24 hours.

Imagine how it is that people beep and the autoresponder takes over to chat and drop messages, also upselling to folks special offers that make money for you.

I want to thank Joseph Don.

Dude rocks and he’s amazing.

He doesn’t post crazily here like I do,

but if you’ll love test his system and work with him,

I’ll put up the link in the next post I’ll make.

If I see 100 YES in the comment, I’ll do so.

Guess How Many "Yes" We Got?

Over 150!!!

So based on special demand from my boss, Emeka Nobis

I have recorded an online course

to show you exactly What I taught him.

I have personally used this system to close deals worth millions of naira

And you can deploy it in your business as well.

I will give you more details about the class shortly

But before I do, I need you to know that this is not magic.

This method won't produce miracle money for you

You'd need to know how to create offers, run ads, write copy, etc.

It is what you plug into the system that it will automate for you.

That said...

Here's what you'll benefit from this course:

✅ How to transform your WhatsApp from the regular messaging app to a cash spilling machine.

✅ How celebrities like Davido, Wizkid, Tunde Ednut, etc. make money online and how you can replicate it on WhatsApp

✅ How to generate leads on WhatsApp.

✅ How to automate your WhatsApp sales system.

✅ How to close sales even during your busiest periods.

✅ How to save up to 500 phone numbers in 60 seconds.

✅ How build a proper lead generation funnel that guarantees a massive flow of prospects monthly.

There's a lot of value here as you can see.

No need for long talk...

If you read everything, and you're interested in signing up

Then the next question in your mind will be... 

How Much To Sign up?

I will be very direct here...

No fake scarcity or any of those things

This training usually cost anything from $30-$100

But boss Emeka Nobis has asked me to make it very affordable for the common business owner out there

So I'm keeping the price at N7500

But only for a limited time

If you don't join this class now, you will never get it at this price again.

Click on the green button below to sign up now.

When you click on the green button, it'll take you to a secure payment page where you'll fill in your details...

And once your payment is successful, you'll get access to the course immediately.

If you use the bank transfer option, my team will have to confirm your payment manually after which you'll be granted access to the course.

Finally, this is not a WhatsApp group teaching.

It is an already recorded online course you can access immediately.

At this point,

I'm sure you've gotten enough information to make a decision

Go ahead and click the button below.

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