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Just before you go, I'll like to show you how ordinary Nigerians and Africans like you are making at least 50-100k weekly using WhatsApp.

Read this letter below...

An Open Letter to Every Nigerian/African Who Wants To Make An Extra 50-100K Weekly Using WhatsApp...

From The Desk Of Joseph Don

Rivers State, Port Harcourt,


Dear Friend,

If all goes well, in the next few minutes, you could have in your hand a very powerful weapon. One that will open a brand new stream of steady income for you.

Now, I'll be quick to admit...if you're a beginner, this powerful weapon won't make you millions, but it could start making you at least =N=100,000 per month-depending on how seriously you take it.

By the way, if you make =N=100,000 monthly, in one year, that would be =N=1.2 million. Many intelligent graduates don't even earn this much yearly.

I personally do transactions that run into millions of naira monthly on WhatsApp.

This wasn't always the case though...

A few years ago, I was a broke intern with NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation). I say broke because I was earning =N=20,000 monthly, and with the economic state of Nigeria, I could barely achieve anything with that money.

I couldn't buy new clothes...

I had just one pair of shoes + my safety boots.

Not that I didn't like shoes, I did.

I mean...

Who no like better thing?

But there was no money to buy it.

Around that period, I was having issues with my dad, so I couldn't even ask him for money.

I resolved to make things work for me, and make money, no matter what it takes. I wasn't going to do anything illegal though.

It was this resolution that led me to attend a seminar where they would teach us how to make money online.

I heard about the event on radio and luckily for me, it was close to my house, so I found my way there.

The organizers of the seminar showed us different skill sets and the various ways they could be monetized online.

I was already learning graphic design then, but the seminar motivated me to take it seriously and find ways to monetize it.

My first few design gigs came from facebook, but they were not really consistent. I was only getting 1 or 2 gigs per month and that wasn't enough.

I had to find a way to get more gigs and make more money. It was this search that led me to discover how to sell anything on WhatsApp and make a lot of money off it.

Since then, I've gone ahead to sell my design services, fashion accessories, phones & laptops, information products, coaching and consulting services, etc.

In over 3 years of doing business on WhatsApp, I have generated millions of naira in revenue for my different businesses.

That is why I have documented my processes and methods, so that you too can make money on WhatsApp just like I do.


It took me 10 months to put this book together…

But what does that matter if it doesn't solve your money problems?

Here's what you'll find inside:

✅ How to transform your WhatsApp from the regular messaging app to a cash spilling machine.

✅ How celebrities like Davido, Wizkid, Tunde Ednut, etc. make money online and how you can replicate it on WhatsApp

✅ How to advertise your products/services on WhatsApp.

✅ How to structure your WhatsApp adverts so that they can convert without stress.

✅ The different types of buyers on WhatsApp and how to make them give you money.

✅ How to build a tribe of raving followers on WhatsApp.

✅ How I made over =N=100,000 in less than 24 hours from my WhatsApp status, and how you can model this to sell your product or service.

There's a lot of value here as you can see.

This book contains 11 chapters of invaluable information that can literally help you print money from WhatsApp.

It doesn't matter if you've never sold a pin on WhatsApp before, or if you're just starting out.

The only thing that matters is your desire to start using the simple secrets in this book to turn your WhatsApp into a cash spilling machine.

There's more…

✅ How to transform people from skeptics into real time believers in your products, so that apart from buying your products, they become your personal evangelist.

✅ Practical ways to persuade anyone to buy your product or pay for your service. If you understand this one well, you can go from zero sales to sold out every freakinnn month.

✅ How to make people read your broadcast messages or DM's without skipping a line. This means that your adverts or marketing message will convert 10X better than they normally would.

✅ The number 1 thing you need to have in order to make people stay glued to your WhatsApp status.

✅ The most important thing people ignore in WhatsApp marketing and how it is costing them a lot of money.

✅ How to stay ahead of Mark Zuckerberg and his crazy policies, so that when they change anything in their system, it doesn't affect you or hurt your business.

The things I share in this book are not aspire to perspire stuff...

They are thing's I've done and still doing to make money on WhatsApp.

My methods work like magic.

I'm so sure of this, that's why I will give you a full refund with no questions asked if you try what I teach in this book and nothing works for you.

Just send a message with proof that you actually did the work. I'll refund you immediately without asking questions.

And here comes the best part...

I'll be giving you access to some amazing bonuses if you purchase this blueprint today.

Bonus 1:

The N35 billion interview with my mentor Ronald Nzimora - Value: N100k

Ronald Nzimora started his business with N930 naira while living in an uncompleted building at festac, Lagos. Today, He has build a business that generates N35 billion in revenue every year.

In this interview, I asked him a lot of questions, and he shared key lessons he learnt from building his business empire. To book a consultation session with Ronald, you'd have to pay N750k. So this session can't be worth less than N100k.

Bonus 2:

The WhatsApp Marketing Podcast - Value: N50k

In the WhatsApp marketing podcast is a series where I host 3 of my friends; Tamilore, Emeka and Emmanuel who have done nothing less than 50 million naira from WhatsApp alone.  

They share the story of how they started and what has helped them stay profitable.

Bonus 3:

WhatsApp Group Secrets - Value: N100k

My good friend Osagie Merry did 10 million naira in pure profits in 2020 by selling his products via WhatsApp groups. I brought him on this live session to share his secret techniques and strategies and You'll get access to this mind blowing session once you get the blueprint. 

Bonus 4:

How to sell out your online class on WhatsApp - Value: N100k

If you're an information marketer, or you'll like to make money from selling your knowledge, then this bonus is specifically designed for you.

My friend Emmanuel Abolo and I have done millions of naira from selling our information products and classes on WhatsApp and In this session we will be sharing the secrets with you. 

If you want to go from zero students to sold out, then you need to get your hands on this fast.

Total value of Bonuses = N350K

But you get them for free today if you grab this blueprint.


I know for a fact that if you apply even a tiny fraction of what you learn from this book over the next 1 year, you will come back and pay me 10 times what I'm charging now.

You may already be asking...

How much is the book?

It's an e-book and it's =N=5,000

That's around $9.5

You can't even buy a good shoe with that...

But you can make an investment in yourself today, that will in turn help you make crazy money so that you can live your dream life.

See I don't intend to preach too much on this...

Look around you...

Dollar is 560...

Things are not getting any better, and truly the government doesn't care.

Are you happy with your financial situation?

I mean...

If things go on like this, will you be able to care for your family, friends, etc. and live the life of your dreams?

Only you can answer this question correctly.

Have you answered the question?


Now you can close this page and act as though you never read anything...

or you can take a bet on yourself, buy this book and start applying what I teach.

When you click on the button, it will take you to a payment page where you can make payment with your card, or you could use the bank transfer option just below the payment page.

Once your payment is confirmed, you'll be given access to the download page automatically.

Here's what people are saying about this book...

Even if you make just =N=100,000 every month, in 1 year, you'd have made =N=1.2 million from just pressing your phone and chatting on worzzup.

Many people in Nigeria don't even make that much in a year. Including brilliant graduates ooo.

Don't forget, if you try my methods and nothing works for you, send me proof that you actually did the work and I'll refund you immediately with no questions asked.

The ball is in your court.

Take action now!